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Our Education Program creates and exchanges life experiences. Teaching materials are


Cultural and environmental diversity go together. We look forward to understand this close relationship in order to help...


La Permacultura identifica necesidades, recursos y reduce al mínimo la utilización de recursos externos de un territorio,..

Tourism & Handcrafts

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design. By this means, we promote alternative lifestyles...

“Nadie es superior, nadie es inferior, pero tampoco nadie es igual. La gente simplemente es única, incomparable.”



Houses of Thought

If you want to support this campaign we received donations in Colombia to the Savings Account # 008600710241 of Banco Davivienda on behalf of Corporación Colombia en Hechos. If  you are in europe you can donate in our crowdfunding account  @gofundme.com


¿Where are We Working?

We work across  Colombia generating connections  in order to promote abundance in all the territories


Conscious Trade

"From the blue economy to barter, communities and nations in transition communicate alternative experiences of solidarity and responsible economies."

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Welcome to our Conscious Trade Network

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we invite you to co-create a New World


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