The biggest challenge of our time is human reconnection with Life. This consciousness shift makes us comprehend that we make part of one whole Everything where each one of us is called to contribute.



Colombia en Hechos is a 15 years experience NGO that has gone all over Colombia listening to different peoples’ voices and linking realities.


Our Why?

Colombia en Hechos is a connections platform between diverse people, places, knowledges, ideas, organisations and energies.


Our purpose is helping to create trust and mutual understanding bonds between stakeholders at local, national and international levels by bringing specialised support according to each context.





We build strategies with sincerity, consistency and respect in order to promote lifestyles with a wider understanding on Nature and Multiculturalism applied to everyday life. As Colombians, this is  our contribution to the World’s peacemaking.

We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals who have learnt the importance of:


Respecting the Timing of Nature


Seeking spiritual purposes


Combining communities’ knowledge with ours in order to activate effective joint-work initiatives


Providing transfer of knowledge through artistic scenarios and/or printed and multimedia  communication tools



Our Team

Nicolás Rueda Martínez

Managing Director

CEO and project manager of Corporación Colombia en Hechos since 2006. Ten years experience in environmental education. Has worked with indigenous, peasant and Afro-Colombian communities on alternative development projects. Developer of 16 environmental education publications and author of "Friends of Endangered Species of Colombia” digital series.


Eric Nieto

Arts Director

Artist and programmer. Apple Distinguished Educator for the innovative use of technology in educational contexts. Multimedia designer and publisher of digital books on iBooks Author.

Sonia Martínez

Associate Consultant

Public education teacher since 1980. Professor at the National Pedagogical University, member of the “Biology, Education and Realities” and “Teacher’s Thinking” research groups. Member of the Research Group Development. Pedagogical Experimental School Corporation (EPE), recognized by Colciencias-GrupLAC.

Camila Olarte

Graphic Designer

Experiencia en el diseño y disposición de libros indígenas desarrollados por la fundación Tropenbos. Diseñadora de la serie "Especies Mini-Guías de Colombia Región de Córdzoba" y de los juegos de mesa “Travesía por el Río Sinu" y “Aventúrate al Mundo de las Tortugas” de Colombia en Hechos.

Taita Ignacio Morales

Specialized Consultant

Traditional medicine-man and leader from Misak native people (Cauca-Colombia). He used to be the governor of Piscitau Community Council. He currently provides spiritual guidance and assistance for Colombia en Hechos projects.


Rainer Krell.

Specialized Consultant

Investigador en el uso innovador del concepto de energía integral para una agricultura más sostenible y resistente ante variaciones climáticas y sociales. Quince años de experiencia en el Departamento de Gestión Ambiental y Recursos Naturales, FAO, Roma.



Adress: Cra4 numero 27-48 o   (201)

Telephones: 3 14-258-2442 / 319-234-0284


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