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Traveling off the beaten path in Colombia means enjoying our deep human connection with diversity: people, mountains, rivers, deserts, seas, jungles, wise healers…and most importantly: yourself.


Routes are designed as scenarios for natural & intercultural exchange. Local communities have chosen to share their thoughts, campfires, territories and lifestyles with persons who are seeking for bonds that go beyond “destinations”.


Colombia welcomes everyone who understands we all belong to one same planet. Be our guest, welcome home.



We are designing travel experiences that connect Colombian local communities' hospitality to knowledge with travellers.


Colombia en Hechos is currently launching the “Caribbean Program: a bridge for re-connection” (Guajira-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta-Isla Grande).



Symbolic Handcrafts

Crafts have practical and symbolic uses that represent elements of life and nature. These pieces carry meanings that accompany the person who wears them and which can actually be woven as an specific intention of protection.

Our aim is to rethink handcrafts' traditional production, original aesthetic appearance, materials and social meaning, so that their true raison d’être persists and can be valued at fair-trade platforms.


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